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Removeable Container Wheels

  • 18" Tires with Two 1" Dexter Spindles
  • Each spindle is Rated at 2,000 lbs
  • Outside to Outside Width of Wheels 20"
  • 2" x 2" O.D. Square Hitch Receiver
  • Bottom of Hitch to Ground 5 1/2" to 6"
  • 14" Hitch Length
  • Total Length 36"
  • Manual Swivel Turn 20 degrees
  • Removable Hitch Pins
  • Weight 80 lbs each
  • Baked Black Finish

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Removeable Container Wheels

Product Description

Removable wheels are the best solution for moving portable storage containers. Most containers come with permanent casters mounted to each container. This causes all kinds of problems in the real world. Casters get stuck in the ground on unpaved surfaces, they can break off when winching containers on and off, they can sink into pavement on hot days damaging driveways, locking pins sheer off, they are not easy to stack and worst of all... the average cost of 4 casters can add up to $500 to the cost of a portable storage container.

The removable wheel system by MCS solves these problems. With dual pneumatic wheels large enough to roll over unpaved surfaces, unleveled ground, rocks and even curbs, these bad boys can go anywhere. The pneumatic wheels will not damage driveways. They are strong enough to handle 10,000 lb loads. The built in manual swivel makes it easy to move portable storage containers anywhere. When winching on and off of trailers or roll back trucks, the swivel wheels can be adjusted to always keep the container square to your truck or trailer. Protect your containers from damage. Keep your portable storage containers centered. Easily manuever heavy loads and make your job easier. Buy one set of removable wheels and use them with all of your containers. Eliminate the problems associated with permanent mounted casters and get the job done easier with removable wheels by MCS.


Removable wheels for portable storage containers

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Removable Storage Container Wheels 16' Mobile Storage Container Wheels Pneumatic Storage Container Wheels Removable Caster Wheels for Containers Roll Off Container Wheels Roll Off Container Wheels Roll Off Mobile Storage Container Wheels Removable Wheels for Mobile Storage Containers Set of 4 Removable Container Wheels

Protect Your Investments with Wheels That Work!

The removable wheels by MCS were designed specifically for loading and unloading portable storage containers. The large pneumatic wheels are ideal for use with roll off trailers or roll back trucks. The unique swivel wheels make it easy to keep the storage containers centered on any trailer or truck. Pneumatic swivel casters are great for moving any heavy load.

  • Easy to use on unpaved surfaces, gravel, dirt or construction sites.
  • Container wheels that work on any surface.
  • Maneuver heavy loads easily with swivel casters.
  • Insert them directly into the receiver slots on MCS containers.
  • Easy to put on and take off. You only need one set of removable wheels no matter how many containers you use.
  • Take them with you for any job.
  • One set of wheels is all you need.
  • Stow them easily on the MCS Roll Off Trailer.